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But what about those things you’re hoping buyers will not notice?

Every home has some features that are less than enticing to the typical buyer & you may not be able to do much about a small kitchen or a home backing onto a noisy main street.

However, there are several things buyers don’t want to see that you can change.

Here are 5 of the most common:

  • Clutter…

Closets stuffed full of clothes or rooms crammed with too much furniture are distractions. Clutter of any kind makes buyers feel uneasy – and gets in the way of showcasing the wonderful features of your home.

  • Maintenance issues…

Buyers definitely don’t want to see a lot of things that need repairs or replacement, such as dripping faucets, faded paint, damaged walls, or overgrown lawns and shrubbery.

  • Smells…

Of course, you can’t see smells. But buyers will notice the lingering aroma of exotic cooking, cigarette smoke, and pets. These smells may even limit the amount of time they want to spend exploring the home!

  • Personal items…

Buyers will understand that a family is living in the home they’re viewing. However, constant reminders – in the form of pictures, trophies, or scattered children’s toys – can make a buyer feel like an intruder.

  • & finally…You!

It’s nothing personal, but buyers prefer to view your home without you in it.

so as they say…knolledge is power!…so fortunately, all these things can be easily dealt with before you show your home…

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