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Benefits Of Using An  Independent Realtor®

When you choose to work with a solo agent – what you see is what you get.

The buck stops with them…ultimately they are responsible for creating a fantastic customer experience.

The YYC agent will be 100% accountable to you during the process.  Often times single agents are better equipped to handle complex transactions where they have a good working knowledge of all of the intricacies of a deal.  What’s more – you can trust that they & they alone will be involved in your deal from start to finish!

The Downside To Using A Solo Agent

While most individual agents are ready to assist the needs of their clients at all times – we all need a break.

If your agent has a vacation planned or is too busy to manage your sale, things could be moving at a much slower pace than expected.

They say that every missed phone call is a missed opportunity in real estate!  Some agents may have a difficult time creating a great experience for their clients simply because of the workload they are managing, however most agents have supportive administrative professionals within their brokerage to back them up.

Want to test this out? Call the number on one of their listings and see if they pick up the phone or call back within a short period of time!

The YYC Real Estate Club is a team of 3 with a full time admin girl! we work both independently & as a team depending on the clients requirements…looking for more info on what option is the best fit for your situation…Join the club!

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